uzbekistani Customs Regulations

Uzbekistan Customs Information

The following goods may be imported into Uzbekistan by visitors over 16 years without incurring customs duty:

• 1,000 cigarettes or 1kg of tobacco products.
• 1.5l of alcoholic beverages and 2l of wine.
• A reasonable quantity of perfume for personal use.
• Other goods for personal use up to a value of US$10,000.

Note: All valuable items such as jewelry, cameras and computers should be declared on arrival.

Prohibited Imports
Firearms, ammunition, drugs, photographs and printed matter directed against the country, live animals (without special permit) and fruit or vegetables.

Prohibited Exports
Items more than 100 years old and those of special cultural importance require special permission for export. When buying items that may be more than 100 years old, ask for a certificate stating the age of the item(s). Precious metals, stones, furs, arms and ammunition, antiquities and art objects (subject to duty and special permit from the Ministry of Culture) are also prohibited.

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